"The work that Find A Better Way does in Mine Clearance creates a Mind Clearance in the community. It is only when this is in place that any type of regeneration and growth can occur, we wholeheartedly support the work that Find A Better Way is achieving."
John Shiels Manchester United Foundation
"Find A Better Way has made outstanding progress in the past year. Initiatives funded by FABW across research, education, and humanitarian efforts are demonstrating great promise for communities and individuals affected by land mines all across the world."
Steve McGill Group President, Aon PLC
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Friends of Find A Better Way

We’re seeking influential friends, individuals and companies to join our circle of supporters. We’re asking you to help us make a difference and Find A Better Way.

Find A Better Way founder and celebrated British footballer Sir Bobby Charlton CBE, is seeking your help to champion the cause of landmine detection and eradication.

A vastly experienced Board of Trustees and a Research Steering Group form the governance of the charity, combining expertise – much at professorial level – from technology, science, manufacturing and humanitarian de-mining sources.

Meanwhile our ambassador, award winning photographer Giles Duley, himself a triple amputee after stepping on a landmine whilst embedded in Afghanistan, continues to work tirelessly to highlight the plight of people living in former warzones.

As a ‘Friend’ you will join a host of influential ambassadors, business leaders and entrepreneurs from some of the world’s best known organisations.

Joining the Find A Better Way circle of friends, you’ll have access to a calendar of exclusive events – not only annual events but also fascinating updates on scientific and technological breakthroughs in landmine research, delivered by leading experts in the field.

You and your guests will have access to the Find A Better Way world leading centre for research at Manchester University to see for yourself the leading advances that are being made in research and technology.

You and your business will have access to our founder and ambassador, be it an appearance at your own business event or maybe a video message to an important client? We pledge to keep you updated and will work with you, as appropriate, to publicise your involvement, according to your wishes and, for corporate partners, fulfil your goals with regard to corporate social responsibility and provide you with an abundance of positive PR for your business.