Pathway to provide affordable prosthetics

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Working with the Royal British Legion Centre for Blast Injury Studies at Imperial College, Find A Better Way has launched a pathway to provide affordable prosthetics.

The first step is to build on Imperial College’s work with Ministry of Defence orthopaedic surgeons to train civilian doctors to carry-out amputations in often difficult conditions. A state of the art through-knee amputation technique will be taught to trauma surgeons from landmine afflicted states, offering a better long-term recovery prospect compared to more traditional above- or below-knee amputations.

Professor Anthony Bull, Director of the Centre for Blast Injuries, said that training would draw on the experience of military surgeons who have worked with Imperial. “While many surgeons will carry-out around five amputations in a lifetime, military surgeons can be called upon to do up to 50 a year,” explained Professor Bull.

“Working with Find A Better Way we can transfer the knowledge learned through our work with the military to civilian surgeons in areas affected by landmines around the world.”

A second project with students from the Innovative Design Engineering course at Imperial College and the Royal College of Art will develop a series of affordable prototype prostheses focussing on the interaction between biomechanics, design, and function.

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