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Research Steering Group

We believe in a joined up approach, bringing expertise from a wide variety of areas and focussing it to the challenge posed. This gives the organisation a distinctive balance, with the ability to work effectively and to deliver a coordinated approach across multiple areas in pursuit of our mission.

A Research Steering Group sits at the core of the charity. Combining expertise from technology, science, manufacturing and humanitarian demining the panel converts the needs of the end user into recommendations for appropriate and deliverable research projects.

The panel are directed by a variety of considerations, including relevance to the problem, likelihood of success, cost of the project, originality, and scale of effects. These recommendations then guide the Board of Trustees in their decision-making, bringing their own unique perspectives and experiences to ensure that the charity takes the appropriate strategic direction to deliver its aims.

Dave Delpy
Chair of the SUA Panel
Emeritus Professor of Biomedical Optics in the Department of Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering at University College London. David has over 40 years of experience in biomedical engineering and the application of physics to medical problems, and one of only four individuals to become a Fellow of three UK national science academies.