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BUPA Great Manchester 10k Run

The nation’s favourite 10k running event, the Bupa Great Manchester Run, has seen over a quarter of a million enthusiastic runners pound the streets of Manchester since its first staging in 2003.

FABW had an amazing team of 12 runners, being:

  • Professor Tony Peyton
  • Frank Podd
  • Omar Abdel Rehim
  • Liam Marsh
  • Joel Radiven
  • Anna Peyton
  • Hannah Gallen
  • Rene Wang-Rattansey
  • Liz McGill
  • Chris McGill
  • Kacey Ainsworth
  • Karen James

Each of the runners successfully completed the £10k with the fastest time being down to Frank Podd of 39 minutes 54! The challenge is on for next year!

The funds raised so far from all the runners is already up to an incredible £9,000 with donations still due to arrive.

John McLaughin the General Manager at the Hilton Hotel very generously offered the use of Cloud23 as the location for a photo shoot with Sir Bobby and the FABW team.  The runners were also given full access to the leisure facilities on the day of the run and had secure storage for their belongings.

With special thanks to the Hilton who were incredibly supportive and of course our appreciation for the efforts of all of the running team.