Eva Glasgow Bone Pallab Ghosh

Extensive BBC coverage of synthetic bone project

On Friday 29 December the Find A Better Way-funded synthetic bone project at the University of Glasgow received extensive coverage on nearly all BBC news programmes following a lead story by science correspondent Pallab Ghosh.

The BBC were naturally fascinated by the amazing story of Eva the dog. Eva had been facing amputation following complications from a broken leg before her veterinarian at the University of Glasgow Small Animal Hospital found out about the project last year. He contacted project leaders Professor Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez and Professor Matt Dalby to see if there was any way their research could help save Eva’s leg. The project had begun a few weeks earlier, but a partial version of the technology was devised and was extremely successful. Within a few weeks after surgery Eva was making a rapid recovery and is now expected to live a completely normal life.

But we were really pleased how much of the coverage, especially the interviews conducted on the day, focused on the future stages of development for humans, and the use of this technology to help improve the lives of landmine blast survivors around the world.

Starting in the early afternoon the 29th, most BBC news programmes on radio and television began airing Pallab’s report, often followed by interviews with Find A Better Way CEO Lou McGrath, Eva’s owner Fiona Kirkland, Professor Stuart Reid, Eva’s vet William Marshall, as well as Manuel and Matt.

The television coverage on the BBC News at Six, News at Ten, BBC News, and BBC World, was not made available on the iPlayer, but the radio coverage will be available until 28 January.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the radio programmes still available – perhaps the best interviews are the PM programme interview by Eddie Mair, and the Radio Scotland interview with Lou McGrath.

BBC Radio 4 The World at One (coverage starts at 21:35)

BBC Radio 4 PM (coverage starts at 32:35)

BBC Radio 5Live Drive (coverage starts at 2:26:25)

BBC Radio Scotland Newsdrive (coverage starts at 2:10:00)

BBC World Service Newshour (coverage starts at 39:30)

BBC Radio Wales Good Morning Wales (aired 30 December, coverage starts at 25:50)

And, following all the attention on the BBC, a few days later Scotland’s STV2 television invited Eva, Fiona, and William to appear on their popular magazine programme, ‘Live at 7:30.’

You can watch this interview on the STV2 player (which requires free registration) here – coverage starts at 7:30.

Although we had been working with Pallab Ghosh for several weeks on this coverage, we did not know what day it would air and interviews had to be arranged with little notice. Thank you to everyone who agreed to be on alert over the holiday period, and for doing such a fantastic job when called upon!