Parliamentary visit for FABW

FABW represented at Parliamentary event

Find A Better Way were represented at an event for parliamentarians and their staff yesterday, hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Explosive Weapons.

Action on Explosive Weapons Under Big Ben! was held at Speaker’s Green, and was supported by groups from across the UK’s mine action community. Find A Better Way were represented by the Project AQUAREOS team from King’s College London.

Roger Mullin MP, Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Explosive Weapons, said, ‘The demonstration event today is designed to bring home to my political colleagues some of the horror that explosive weapons cause to innocent people and to those whose job it is to deal with the weapons and the aftermath of their use.

‘It is my personal belief that if politicians around the world can work together on this appalling issue, we can make a huge impact in saving people’s lives and helping lift many people out of poverty and deprivation.’

King’s College research fellow Jamie Barras was enthusiastic about his day at the House of Commons. ‘It was wonderful to have the chance to introduce parliamentarians to the work Find A Better Way is funding through Project AQUAREOS,’ he explained. ‘The technology we are developing uses radio waves to confirm the presence of explosive material in a buried object. Having the chance to explain to MPs the benefits this would bring was a great opportunity.

‘The subject of “integration” came up regularly,’ he continued. ‘Parliamentarians and staff were seeing a wide range of activities from the mine action community all at once, so it was natural for them to wonder how it all fit together. I was regularly asked if our explosives scanner would integrate well with the work other groups were doing, and I was pleased to be able to answer “yes” to this every time. We have been careful to get regular feedback from actual deminers in the field and we are regularly told how useful a device that can confirm the existence of explosive material will be for them.’

Speaking of the event, Find A Better Way CEO Lou McGrath, OBE, said, ‘Find A Better Way is funding eight different research projects at universities across the UK, and having the chance to demonstrate one of them to parliamentarians was fantastic. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to King’s College and the Project AQUAROS team for representing us at such an important occasion.’