Find A Better Way International Research Centre

FABW are delighted to announce the establishment of the Find A Better Way International Research Centre, the world’s first dedicated centre for landmine detection research. The Research Centre which will be headquartered at the University of Manchester campus, represents a broadening of our ongoing relationship with the university, which is already the site of our flagship detection research project, SEMIS.

This centre will be a core component in landmine detection research on the global stage and will be in a position to promote collaboration and co-operation between bodies. It will also be expected to deliver a series of large-scale internal research projects complementary to FABW’s existing portfolio. The centre will also play in important role in promoting collaboration between FABW’s current projects and those underway at a range of European and International universities, recognising that a global issue requires a global collaborative response.

Ultimately, the centre will be a physical embodiment of the charity’s research activities, offering the opportunity to provide supporters and donors with a first-hand look at the advances being made. This also offers the chance to engage with other groups and sectors who might have the potential to assist in the mission of the charity.