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Find A Better Way responds to current developments in mine risk areas

Find a Better Way’s work continues to have immediate impact in response to current developments putting refugees in danger within mine risk areas
Syria, Iraq and the Middle East

Education projects are delivering vital mine risk awareness to combat the threat to migrants and refugees moving through the Middle East. A Spirit of Soccer programme is delivering soccer coaching and mine risk education in the Zaatari refugee camp in Northern Jordan, assisting refugees and internally displaced persons. The project has evolved to offer a peace building component to foster better relationships between the local Jordanian population and the Syrian refugee population, extending the impact of the work completed.

Prince Ali Bin-al Hussein of Jordan has commended Find A Better Way for the education projects it currently funds and the important positive impact they are having in responding to the problems.


Croatia and Europe

In Croatia the threat to migrants and refugees from landmines and other explosive remnants left from the Balkan conflict is potentially severe.

Sir Bobby Charlton, Founder and Trustee of Find A Better Way commented ‘I was very concerned to hear the news about the danger for migrants crossing the Croatian border.  From my recent visit to Croatia and the Croatian Mine Action Center (CROMAC) I am only too aware of the very real danger and threat that landmines pose across the country, particularly at its borders.   CROMAC estimates that Croatia is contaminated with over 50,000 mines left from conflict, across a large suspected area of 195.3 square miles. It is incredibly harrowing that innocent migrants and refugees who are fleeing conflict now face imminent threats from these weapons of war at Croatia’s borders.’

Find A Better Way has a strong relationship with the Croatian Mine Action Centre (CROMAC) and is funding a research project at the University of Zagreb to improve current methods of detection. Both of these agencies are working to reduce the immediate threat as much as possible.  Find A Better Way’s flagship detection research project based at The University of Manchester has recently been testing in Croatian minefields.


In the news yesterday was the fantastic story that Mozambique has now been declared mine-free. We are confident that the work the charity is doing will bring this date closer for all countries that are currently polluted with these hidden explosive devices.