DfID meeting

Find A Better Way attends Department for Int’l Development meeting

Find A Better Way CEO Lou McGrath attended a meeting of humanitarian charities based in the North West of England and the Department for International Development (DFID) last week.

The meeting was held on Wednesday 18 April at the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) in Manchester.

The purpose of the roundtable discussion was to provide civil society organisations in the North West and DFID officials based in the Civil Society Team with an opportunity to discuss how they can work together most effectively. The informal meeting also provided an opportunity for organisations to feed back to DFID on what is currently working well, what can be improved, and to ask questions.

Other humanitarian groups in attendance included Human Appeal, Railway Children, Retrak, Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO), and the Global Development Institute.

Lou rated the meeting highly, and is looking forward to increased interaction with DFID, saying, “It was great to see the DFID Civil Society Team taking the initiative and encouraging open engagement with organisations at a regional level.

“The meeting was, I hope, the beginning of more involvement of regional NGO’s and civil society groups being able to have open discussion and debate and that hopefully helps to guide policy makers within government through our knowledge of the realities within our respective sectors and the true impact of their decisions.

“Its really good to see these engagements taking place outside the normal London forums. There are so many great organisations, north of Watford, doing fantastic work both in the UK and overseas!”