Giles Duley to feature in Channel 4 Documentary, Unreported World – Invisible People

On Friday 10th October at 7.30pm, our ambassador, Giles Duley will showcase his latest work in Lebanon, on Channel 4 documentary Unreported World – Invisible People.

In tonight’s Unreported World, Giles Duley and producer, David Fuller, travel to Lebanon, to talk to vulnerable refugees fleeing the war in Syria and the organisations trying to help them. The documentary uncovers how the Lebanese government and refugees are finding it increasingly difficult to manage the prevailing crisis.

Find A Better Way are incredibly proud to have Giles as our ambassador and even more so of his efforts to educate local communities overseas, affected by explosive remnants of war.

Giles lost both of his legs and an arm in a landmine explosion, in Afghanistan, whilst working with US troops. Giles remains one of only a few survivors of an explosion of this kind. As a result of the explosion, he now works tirelessly to highlight the plight of landmine victims along with Find A Better Way’s fundraising efforts.

During the showing, take to Twitter, using ‘#unreportedworld’ or @fabw_uk/ @gilesduley, to tell us your opinion of ‘Unreported World – Invisible People’.