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Launch of New Research Project with the University of Zagreb

At Find A Better Way we are delighted to announce the launch of a new research project with the University of Zagreb – Project PERUN. In May 2015 the FABW team met with the project leads at the University to sign the project agreement in order to start research on the 1st July 2015.

The Project

There are soils throughout the world in which existing metal detectors for landmine detection fail to operative effectively. There is a particular problem with these types of soils in the Zadar County in Croatia, which was heavily mined during conflict.

The problem of non-cooperative ground is expected to have significant impact on the anticipated next generation of metal detectors. The aim of the project is therefore to improve metal characterisation methods with novel soil compensation to address this problem, and this will be experimentally verified on field test sites in Croatia. Such advanced electromagnetic induction mine detection will reduce the false alarm rate compared to conventional metal detection because it will provide not only an indication that some metallic object is present but also information on its dimensions and materials properties.

Ultimately this new technology will make humanitarian demining faster, cheaper and safer. We are looking forward to hearing about the progress of the project in recent months and would like to extend a warm welcome to our University of Zagreb colleagues to the Find A Better Way community!

From right to left: Professor Darko Vasić – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Professor Mislav Grgic – Dean of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Rob White – CEO Find A Better Way, Professor Vedran Bilas – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Andy Cox – Programmes Manager Find A Better Way, Davorin Ambruš – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing