FABW team photo

Meet the team (and consider joining them)!

Find A Better Way has a Board of Trustees, a Scientific & Users Advisory Panel, funds research teams at nine universities in the UK and overseas, enjoys a large network of supporters and donors, and benefits from one fantastically involved (and world-famous) founder.

The entire operation is managed by one small, highly-skilled team who run the FABW office in Knutsford.

Here’s an introduction to each of them, and details on how you can join the team yourself!

Lou McGrath OBE (far right) is  the CEO and most recent addition to the FABW team. Lou has been active in the demining community since the early 90s, and is a widely respected expert on the issue. Lou implements the charity’s overall strategy, and represents FABW in the media and in public.

Laura Entwistle (far left) joined FABW in September 2013 and is the Personal Assistant to the Chairman. Among other duties, she is personally responsible for keeping the communication between the board of trustees, Sir Bobby, and the rest of the FABW community flowing.

Donna Moss-Seymour (second from left) has been at the Knutsford office for twelve months, and is now the charity’s Head of Operations. Donna keeps everything running, from project management, to accounts, to contracts, to payments, running like a well-oiled machine.

The FABW team is set to double in size this summer, as we are hoping to announced three new ‘signings’ to the squad later in the next few months. Does working for a charity that addresses one of the most important and intractable problems facing the world to day interest you? If so, read on.

FABW are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

Administration Assistant – providing administrative support to the operations team, ensuring the effective and smooth running of the day-to-day activities of the charity.

Fundraising Manager – planning, developing, promoting, managing and administering a diverse range of fund raising activities to significantly increase our income from a wide variety of sources.

Fundraising Officer – reporting to the Fundraising Manager, and developing and promoting a diverse range of fundraising activities and projects to support our fundraising strategy and income generation.

All three positions are full-time and permanent. For full details visit the FABW Careers Page (the closing date for each position is 6 July).

To apply, please send your CV and covering letter to Donna Moss-Seymour on donna.moss-seymour@fabw.org.uk.

Good luck to everyone who applies! We will update you on the new team members later this summer.