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New £1m research challenge announced by Find A Better Way

University research scientists are being challenged to Find A Better Way to detect landmines.

Humanitarian charity Find A Better Way has announced its second £1 million challenge in conjunction with the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council).

Find A Better Way, founded by England football legend, Sir Bobby Charlton, is a unique charity dedicated to providing practical, humanitarian solutions to the global problem of landmines.

Sir Bobby set up Find A Better Way after witnessing the untold misery caused by unexploded landmines during a visit to Cambodia.

He said “Find A Better Way’s key goal is to develop new technology to accelerate the detection and removal of landmines globally.

“We are looking to get the brightest minds from universities to work with Find A Better Way to find innovative solutions which will greatly speed the detection of landmines, potentially saving thousands of lives.”

A previous Find A Better Way/EPSRC call has resulted in funding for projects by researchers at King’s College, London, a joint project by Cranfield University and UCL, Bath University and Oxford University.

The charity also funds research at Manchester University and Furness College, Barrow.

The research teams are looking into how to adapt technology behind systems such as ground penetrating radar into portable equipment capable of being used by humanitarian landmine detection teams around the world.

Funding bids will be assessed by FABW’s science panel and the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council).

A deadline of 25 June, 2014, has been set for the submission of outlines.

Applicants who are successful at outline stage will then be asked to draw up full proposals.