REVIVE campaign launch

REVIVE Campaign begins new phase

At a reception at Parliament on Wednesday evening, the REVIVE Campaign (Reduce Explosive Violence, Increase Victim Empowerment) opened a new chapter in its history. After delivering a successful report on the threat of explosive violence earlier this year, the organisation has now reformed as a non-profit company, allowing it to continue promoting the needs of victims of explosive violence worldwide.

The board of the new REVIVE Campaign Ltd reflects the organisation’s support from parliamentarians, charities, and private sector organisations. It will be chaired by former MP Roger Mullin, and other board members will include Professor Brooke Rogers OBE of King’s College London, Tomás Carruthers of Kirkman, Jonathan Starkey of Bridge Insurance, Dr Saleyha Ahsan, Mathilde Batlier and REVIVE organiser Nigel Elway.

One of REVIVE’s most important roles will be supporting the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Explosive Threats. Present Wednesday night to mark the new era were chairman Dr Matthew Offord MP, co-chairman Lord Dear, and new member and shadow development minister Dan Carden MP.

Find A Better Way is one of five charities supporting REVIVE, and will take an active role in helping the new organisation, and was represented at last night’s event by CEO Lou McGrath.

“It is great to see the REVIVE Campaign’s work from the last year will now continue,” explained Lou. “The needs of victims of explosive violence must be a priority for rebuilding any post-conflict society. REVIVE provides an essential link between charities like Find A Better Way and parliamentarians, the Department for International Development, and Westminster as a whole.

“Our friend Nigel Elway has recruited a very impressive board to help take REVIVE forward, and they are now in an excellent position to build on the campaign’s work from the last year. Find A Better Way is delighted to be contributing to their effort, and we look forward to seeing REVIVE make the needs of explosive victims a real priority for Westminster and international decision-makers.”