Rt. Hon. George Osborne announces support for pioneering research programme led by British based charity Find a Better Way

M Treasury commits £10 million of funding over next five years 

Chancellor George Osborne announced last night that H.M. Treasury is to provide £10 million funding to North West based charity, Find A Better Way, over the next five years.  Launching its five year vision at a reception at 11 Downing Street last night, the charity was congratulated for its ground-breaking work to date. Find A Better Way is currently working in partnership with leading universities on a range of research programmes.

The charity was founded in 2011 by Sir Bobby Charlton, CBE and has already succeeded in raising in excess of £4.5 million prior to this new funding. However, as outlined at the event, the organisation’s ambitious plans for the next five years require further support. One of the charity’s key areas of focus is the world-leading regenerative medicine programme, RESOLVE, led by Imperial College London into the regeneration of limbs for survivors of landmine accidents.  This flagship programme was launched last October 2014, and the charity has received the funding from HM Treasury to spearhead key areas of the RESOLVE programme, specifically to attract and commit to the best research, academic and clinical leadership talent for delivery of the first five years of the programme.

The investment will support world-leading clinical research in the field including funding for clinical trials of the healthcare solutions developed. RESOLVE will be one of the flagship programmes to occupy the Michael Uren Biomedical Engineering Research Hub that is to be constructed at Imperial College London’s new Imperial West campus.

George Osborne, The Chancellor of the Exchequer, said:  “Find a Better Way is a brilliant charity that researches ground breaking scientific technologies to clear landmines and support those tragically injured by them. I have met with Sir Bobby Charlton and the team, and have seen for myself the brilliant work they do. That’s why I’m delighted to be able to donate £10 million of Libor bank fines to help them continue their invaluable research into regenerating limbs, which will not only help the UK develop world leading technology, but importantly save and improve countless lives across the globe. The Libor fines are paid by those who’ve demonstrated the worst of values, and it’s right they go towards supporting those who demonstrate the best of values.”

Find a Better Way CEO, Rob White commented; “We are delighted with the commitment of this government funding today which represents a significant milestone for Find a Better Way in our ambition to deliver our five year vision. This will support the flagship RESOLVE programme to drive technological advances and deliver key clinical milestones in the management of trauma from landmine injuries. Our focus as a charity is on the impact of accidents from explosions but there is no doubt that this pioneering work will have the potential to support many who have, for example, lost limbs through road traffic accident or illness.”

Established in 2011 by Sir Bobby following a visit to Cambodia during which the former midfielder saw first-hand the humanitarian damage that landmines continue to cause in war-torn countries, the charity’s aim is to utilise modern technological advances to help tackle the problem of detecting landmines and improve the lives of those affected.

Commenting on the funding announcement, Sir Bobby Charlton; “This funding from HM Treasury will help to achieve the aspirational goals we set out when we launched the charity over four years ago. It will play a pivotal role in improving the lives of thousands who live with the horrific trauma caused by landmines and help to ensure the success of these critical programmes.”

To date, Find a Better Way has raised in excess of £4.5 million and continues in its mission to rid the world of landmines by harnessing cutting edge technology.