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Trauma Surgeons Training Conference

A Humanitarian Project with the Centre for Blast Injury Studies at Imperial College London (CBIS)

This project aims to train a cohort of 9-12 trauma surgeons from landmine afflicted areas in specialist through-knee amputation techniques. The technical requirements of the project have been completed in partnership with leading global medical technology business Smith & Nephew, who have additionally agreed to host the conference at their facilities in Yorkshire.

The course will be led by Professor (Col.) Jon Clasper who has extensive personal experience of the medical treatment of blast injury victims, including expertise in limb salvage surgery. Professor Anthony Bull is Professor of Musculoskeletal Mechanics and Head of Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College London. In this project Professor Bull will take an academic leadership role, marshalling the CBIS resources for the project. The course organiser is Mr Dafydd “Taff” Edwards, a trauma surgeon in the Armed Forces and currently studying for a doctorate at CBIS examining the effect of blast explosives on the lower limb. Having been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan four times Mr Edwards has extensive experience in the care of the injured solider on the front line and at home.

The conference is intended to take place in October or November 2015 and CBIS will use literature, academics and current research streams to develop and deliver a bespoke course at established wet lab facilities for trauma surgeons from landmine afflicted areas to allow them to apply the most advanced surgical methods in their clinical practice. The training will be provided by military and civilian trauma and orthopaedic surgeons pro bono.  Importantly the training conference will have lasting influence. Trainers will maintain regular contact with the surgeons who attend to ensure continued knowledge development to ensure sustainable impact.

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